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Andrea Gregori

After having accomplished the high school by the Italian Classical Lyceum I studied physics at the University of Padua (degree in phenomenology of elementary particles, "CP violation in the B-decays") and I post-graduated at the university of Triest, with a thesis on "type II string constructions", worked out at Cern with Prof. C. Kounnas. Subsequently, I worked as postdoctoral fellow and/or as visitor in Neuchatel, Paris, Milan, and in Berlin (Humboldt Universit├Ąt) with a Marie Curie fellowship.


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This research is completely non-mainstream. The topics and the direction of research are decided only by the personal firm belief in their scientific interest.

The pay-off for working out of the mainstream is that the project doesn't fall in any category already provided for financial support.

If you think that this research is worth of being continued, you can help me by contributing with a donation, which can also be a modest amount. Every contribution is welcome.